lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

complains + news

Ugh feeling very uninspired lately... I didnt like either what I was posting lately here, anyhow I know that maybe soon I will find nice new stuff to share.. in other things has died, I better get wich I think is most useful, for bussiness talking, though.. my friend Samara is helping me with this as always, the new site will be ready soon.. also Im still selling some vintage clothes in my other etsy shop please take a look if youre interested :) and there is new products available soon in goldenponies, click here to get al the updates..

3 comentarios:

asillybow dijo...

I think you will continue to blog.

Take care.

Color Collective dijo...

i love your blog! it's a great source of inspiration for me!

Erandi dijo...

Thanks girls! <3