miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Soviet postcards

I´m a sucker for this kind of things, and looove russian memorabilia, in 2008 i went to a holidays trip to gorgeous Prague for me was like being in Russia, kind of, because all the matrioskas and russian candy with pretty envelopes, and i remember all the russian fairytales books of my chidhood, and this tumblr is so so perfect, russian postcards memorabilia, soo pretty... found via Karen Barbe.

This picture of Krisatomic can show what i´m talking about, pretty candy envelopes i own this ones!

*All images via soviet postcards.

2 comentarios:

jaime dijo...

si estan bien chidas y que tal el erizo esta super chistoso ese animalin... me acorde de ahi del lugar escondido donde compramos los dulces en Praga, te amo <3

Erandi dijo...

oye ya vamonos otra vez!

te amo yo mas! <3